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Best Aliexpress cashback sites

The editors of the online portal "Computer" specially for their readers found out

what cashback with aliexpress is

and its features, and compared the TOP 5 best cashback services for Aliexpress and is ready to share the results. The considered services were selected from 20 other services based on their high degree of reliability and high percentage of cashback.
Cashback Aliexpress - Top of the Best
Backit (former ePN Cashback) works with more than 850 sellers and services. They offer their users a 30% higher cashback on average than other services. They quickly respond to requests in their technical support chat.
Cashback percentage
Up to 12% (the most profitable aliexpress cashback).
Service reliability
Official partner of Aliexpress
Considering all orders
Every purchase counts. The system compensates orders for which no cashback was accounted.
Withdrawal methods
Pays by WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, Qiwi, Яндекс.Деньги, PayPal.
TopCashback is another convenient cashback service for aliexpress.
Cashback percentage
At the moment - up to 11.25%.
Service reliability
Was founded in 2005. Offices in UK, USA, Germany
Considering all purchases
The system does not comepnsate orders for which no cashback was accounted.
Withdrawal methods
Pays by bank account, PayPal, Gift Cards.
Rebates Me is a service that covers a huge number of stores. But for Aliexpress, the cashback size is not the highest.
Cashback percentage
At the moment - 4%.
Service reliability
In our research, it was difficult to find details about who works for the firm or how it operates.
Considering all purchases
The system does not comepnsate orders for which no cashback was accounted.
Withdrawal methods
Pays by Credit, PayPal, Alipay
MegaBonus is a specialized cashback for Aliexpress. The size of the cashback is average.
Cashback percentage
At the moment - 4.59%.
Service reliability
Part of an international company.
Considering all purchases
The system does not comepnsate orders for which no cashback was accounted.
Withdrawal methods
Pays by WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, Qiwi, Yandex.Money, PayPal.
If you would like to buy cost-effective products from China, you can’t miss GoCashBack
Cashback percentage
At the moment - up to 5.2%.
Service reliability
Good reputation and reviews
Considering all purchases
The system does not comepnsate orders for which no cashback was accounted.
Withdrawal methods
Pays by PayPal, Check, Alipay.
How does cashback work?
Step 1: Signing up in the service
You sign up on the website of the selected cashback service and go to your personal account.
Step 2: Open Aliexpress from the link
You enter a link to the product in Aliexpress in a special window of your personal account and follow it.
Step 3: Purchase from Aliexpress
You purchase the item and pay in any way you prefer.
Step 4: Confirmation of receiving the item
After receiving the order, you must confirm that the item has been received. After literally five minutes, aliexpress cashback for this order will be displayed in the service account.
Step 5: Ordering payment
Upon reaching the minimum balance for payments, you can order the withdrawal of money in any way you like.

Buying from Aliexpress with cashback

How do you choose the best cashback for aliexpress?
There are a huge number of cashback services on the web, and most of them work with Aliexpress. At the same time, there are very few sites that will really return your fee without delays and problems. How do you choose the best cashback website for aliexpress? The editors of the Internet magazine "Computer" have compared the TOP 5 of the best aliexpress cashback websites and are sharing the results with you. What are the requirements for a perfect service? Let's take a look:
High percentage
The higher the percentage of cashback, the larger the amount you will be refunded from each order. Modern services give from 3% to 15% of the amount of each purchase.
Service reliability
What is the benefit of a large percentage if you don't get paid? You need to know how conscientious the service is and what guarantees it provides.
Considering all purchases
In case of failure or other circumstances, cashback may not be counted. Good services compensate it to the client in this case.
Convenient withdrawal
It is very important not only to successfully receive money to you bank account from the account of the cashback website, but also to withdraw it with a minimum commission.
Сashback websites rating
The size of the cashback
Backit has the biggest percent of cashback, it goes up to 90%. Then there is TopCAshback with the maximum percent of 11.25%.Other services offer 5% cashback and less.
Service reliability
Judging by the reliability of the service life and the number of users, the leaders are Backit and TopCashback. The rest of the services have approximately the same reliability parameters.
Considering all purchases
The Backit and TopCashback websites compensate in whole or in part for orders where the cashback was not counted. Other services do not offer this option.
Convenient withdrawal
The minimum payment amount from Backit is $0.2. In addition to other payment methods, this service offers a very convenient ePayments system. The rest of the services are almost the same in terms of the convenience.
Reviews of cashback services
The reviews of services were taken from open and reliable sources.
I heard about cashbacks, but at first there was no time, and somehow I didn’t really believe ... Then I needed something on aliexpress and I decided to purchase it with cashback. With the help of reviews, I chose backit. it's so nice to get some of the money back from your own purchases. withdrew it to my account with no delays.
Judging by the information that I could find, for now, this cashback website provides the highest percentage of return on every purchase on my favorite Aliexpress. This is what sold it for me, since I buy on Ali quite often, and it's just stupid not to try and get a cashback, even if it's just a part of it. I liked the service, the technical support really helps users to get their cashback, I've withdrawn all my cashbacks.
Top Cash Back has great incentives and we had a bunch of funds in "pending payment" status. They did email us back and explained the issues with the stores. Great news we did get paid all we were promised. Top Cash Back is back on their game again.
Ruth M.
I'm a mom. Currently on my second maternity leave. I love Aliexpress and buy there things often. For me, the main

advantages of AliExpress are price and delivery

. And also cashback from ali made me happy. Since starting using the service, I've withdrawn about 7 thousand from the website and a small amount is now on my account.
Spent $3k on aliexpress and used them for what they indicated to be 3% cash back. Got zero penny. Called and emailed - no resolution. They said the order was cancelled but my order was not cancelled. I received my items from that order in full and i did not return anything. I URGE YOU to stop using this fraudulent website.
How long does it take for referral bonus to go from pending to available? Order placed for more than 22 weeks, still pending. Yes all of my referrals have $20+ pending as well. This website is shit.


How does cashback from aliexpress work?
Aliexpress has its own affiliate program ( As part of this program, the website that brings customers to aliexpress gets paid a fee. Cashback services operate under the aliexpress affiliate program and earn fees from the marketplace, part of which is paid to their users. Such interaction is widespread throughout the world.

Where is the biggest Aliexpress cashback?

The maximum cashback percentage is from the Backit service, it goes up to 90%. AliBonus is next with a maximum percentage of 8.25%. The rest of the services offer cashback of 5% or less.

How do you purchase from Ali with a cashback?

  1. You choose the cashback service, sign up there and create your account.
  2. In your account, in a special window, you enter a link to the product on Aliexpress and click it.
  3. You purchase the item as you do by choosing the payment method that you like.

How do you get a cashback back from Aliexpress purchases?

  • You need to confirm receipt of the ordered product in Aliexpress. Cashback for this order will appear in your service account in 5-10 minutes.
  • When the amount reaches the minimum level for payments, you can withdraw it however you like.
How do you get cashback on Aliexpress?
All of the above services have a lot of ways to withdraw your money. Payments to Visa or MasterCard are the most universal and convenient methods.
Which browser is better for cashback?
Overall, any browser will do. But it's better to use Google Chrome.